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  1. How far in advance do I need to book a Richard Young the Magician magic show?
    It all depends. Tomorrow I might not have any shows booked, while I might have eight bookings already for a Saturday in December.

  2. Richard, I want to see your show! How much do you charge?
    The price will depend on the following factors: travel distance, group size, show length, type of show, and number of shows booked.

  3. Do you need a deposit in advance?
    No, I trust you and you can pay me with cash, cheque, or credit card on the day of the show.

  4. If a better show comes along, is there a possibility you might cancel on us?
    My integrity is worth more than any booking. I will not cancel and your time slot is reserved for you and only you.

  5. When's a good time to have your show?
    A good general rule of thumb is to have my show begin about a half hour after the party begins. This prevents distractions from guests who may arrive late.

  6. Can we serve the kids food and drinks during the show?
    At this age, children need as few distractions as possible so I would highly recommend serving refreshments before or after the show. It's a HUGE distraction when kids are getting more food or if something is spilled. Plus, I need their hands free and clean to be my special helpers.

  7. We loved your show last year! If you came back, would it be a different show?
    Yes, I have hundreds of magic tricks to choose from and I keep a record of the tricks I perform at each show.

  8. How old should my child be for a magical birthday party?
    Younger children have short attention spans and have difficulty understanding some of the humor and the magic. I recommend that magical birthday parties should be for children that are four years of age or older.

    Richard Young the Magian - Can a needle go through a balloon without popping it?

  9. Is it okay if I take pictures or videotape your performance?
    Sure! That will help you capture the audience member's expressions as they experience extraordinary entertainment. Of course I love to receive pictures that turned out great.

  10. How much space do you need for a birthday party show?
    After years and years of experience in all settings, I can perform my show in almost any room of your house or apartment. I only need a couple of feet between the audience and me, thus ensuring that everyone will be able to see and there will be room for children to help me at the front.

  11. Can you perform the show outdoors?
    Yes, the show can be performed outside as long as the weather is decent and an additional fee is paid. However, it’s been my experience that indoor shows are better, more comfortable, and more enjoyable for all. It is easier to hear me and there are far less distractions. And, most importantly, Archie the dove prefers to be inside.

  12. At a birthday party, how many children can you entertain?
    All of them! But, seriously, with my bag of tricks I can easily handle as many children during the show as you can for the entire party.

    Richard Young the Magician's Car

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